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Adam Twersky

Adam Twersky is currently the Director of Technology at the Eleven Eleven Arts Foundation. This position puts him in a leadership position with technology-related initiatives within the organization. And, with over 15 years of professional experience across a number of industries including healthcare, entertainment, technology, and commercial construction, Adam offers Eleven Eleven business development and operations management expertise.

While his position is a hard earned one, Adam’s position was fueled by his passions at a younger age. One of the things he’s passionate about is the intersection of art and technology, including the vast economic opportunity that has opened up for artists willing to step outside of their traditional artistic paradigm and explore the infusion of technology. An example of artists “stepping out” could be represented from designing virtual worlds, all the way to creating legendary installations at Burning Man and so much more.

While his passions inspired him to contribute to the Eleven Eleven Arts Foundation, a lot of his reasoning comes from when he was younger. Born with an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit, Adam views business the way artists view art.
There are a number of things that contribute to the bigger picture, but it takes a lot of small things to put it all together. In terms of schooling, he attended the University of Delaware while studying business management before moving onto the University of America to complete his MBA. Following his education, he moved into the workforce and started gaining experience; much of which would contribute to his work with the Eleven Eleven Arts Foundation.

When not contributing to the organization, he spends his free time working on new projects, attending music and art festivals, supporting mission-based organizations, and trolling posts across the Internet. It would be safe to say that Adam, in all reality, lives quite a good life.