Find Your Escape Through Art

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Healing Through Art

Studies have shown that Art Therapy is not only a creative way to express one’s self, but also a source of healing for trauma and PTSD sufferers. Practicing art frees us from fear, anxiety, and compulsive negativity.

Finding solace in creation can help those struggling to find inner peace, and work through their pain to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Our six week program offers a way for those struggling to redirect their pain in a safe and accepting environment.

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How Art Heals

The Process of Healing

Pain & Darkness

Step One

Our past experiences have shaped who we are, and at times we may feel trapped in the pain and darkness that these traumatic events have caused.

Going Elsewhere

Step Two

Escaping through art and art therapy allows the mind to travel beyond our physical world and into one powered by your creativity.

Art As A Turning Point

Step Three

Using art as a coping mechanism can help begin the healing process – although you have suffered, you can not begin your path to recovery.

Through the Veil

Step Four

Once you allow yourself to become vulnerable and let your past traumas and experiences transform into beautiful works of art, it will now be easier to use this to cope and heal.

Trusting The Process

Step Five

Although not as conventional as talk therapy, art can be used to heal the wounds that the eye can’t see. Once you trust that this process of learning, developing your skills, and healing, you will begin to reap the full benefits of this process.

Embodying Spirit

Step Six

Practicing art frees us from fear, anxiety, and compulsive negativity. Our spirits become free and eventually transcend to a higher level. This awakening of a higher spirit lifts your soul to remember and you become who YOU ARE.

Feeling the Healing

Step Seven

Feeling the healing energy through love and compassion as you continue on your journey will help the healing process – enjoy the journey; you will discover new things about yourself and reclaiming your destiny.


Step Eight

Eventually, you will achieve the inner peace you desire, and can continue your new life. This is not the end – it is only the beginning of something greater.

Your journey may not follow this order. The order is often mixed.
You may experience multiple steps at once, or some may head straight for transcendence.
This is a journey of self-healing, self-acceptance, and self-love.

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A Snapshot Of Your Class

You will work with all types of mediums, putting together a picture of yourself.



Introduction into pre-studio work that includes relaxation to clear preconceived ideas will take place and allow your artist and healer to emerge.

Self Portrait


Parts of the picture may include – abstract work, collage, journaling and anything you can think of.

Trust the Process


Each week will be built upon to create the medicine art projects leading to healing & the journey toward a soulful transcendence.

Supplies Used

  • Pens, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Markers
  • Pastels, Paint,
  • Erasers
  • Clay

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler, Triangle, Protractor

  • All types of photographs
  • Poems or quotes that resonate with you
  • Old letters from friends, lovers or Pen pals

  • Glitter
  • Gold stars