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The Emotional Connection Between Art And Pain

Pain is one of the most poignant of human emotions. It can be nearly impossible to articulate exactly what pain feels like, let alone describe the multitude of forms pain can take on. Whether physical or emotional, pain is our mind’s way of telling us it is uncomfortable with something. Pain is the body’s attempt […]


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Inspiration For A Good Cause

In the small Canadian town of Fredericton, New Brunswick, 15 year old Nelly Price inspires the local community by turning her personal struggles into something meaningful and positive. Nelly has always loved painting, and after a bullying incident at her high school earlier in February of this year, she turned to her artistic skills to […]


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Public Art: A Worthy Investment Of Tax Dollars?

It’s always hit or miss with public art projects. Sometimes, such as the case of the iconic Cloud Gate in Chicago (also known as the Chicago Bean), a piece of art does what it is intended to do and draws attention, public interest, and adds some character to a city block. Other times, what looks […]