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The Eleven Eleven Foundation was started in order to get myself out of a rut, it was around Jessie’s birthday and the holiday season when I first thought to create an Art Gallery showcasing all of Jessie’s art. I wanted people to be able to enjoy it, instead of having it sit in a basement or an attic collecting dust. After some thought, I realized many of the pieces, if any, would not be for sale. Therefore, I would only be able to have the gallery open for so long before I ran out of money. My brain kind of went into a flow state where everyone I was talking to led me to connecting pieces of what the Eleven Elven Foundation would eventually become. My wife’s Uncle, also an artist, was struggling to make ends meat in Maine. At one time, Ted was a very renowned artist, but addiction and PTSD crumbled him and he was in need of a new and different kind of opportunity. I invited Ted to come live with my family and I in Pennsylvania, to produce Art that we would be sold in the gallery. A few weeks later, I began talking to another friend who was telling me how artists and the tech world are in a pivotal time where Art and Technology are trying to becoming one. Now my thought was to find a way to build on that idea. I wanted to bring Art and Tech worlds together in order to facilitate immersifying experiences to hack consciousness in order to alleviate stress disorders facing todays society. The adventure component came in because Jessie loved adventures, and this whole idea from a gallery to now a foundation, has become my adventure. I decide to “trust the process”. I really didn’t know where these ideas where going to lead me but I knew I had come across something that I felt good about.

The Eleven Eleven Foundation has become not only an adventure for myself but for a few others as well. I currently have 4 volunteers who were interested in helping me get this foundation off the ground. Little did they know, they were going to embark on a journey of their own. The healing comes to each of us in many ways, as we are all on a different road to find PEACE. Some are at one when they are In the form of participation. Others are healing when they are the mentor or the teacher. For me, I am at peace when I am creating. The process of healing comes when you allow yourself to get into a present state of mind; being in the here and now. Separating your mind from the every day life occurrences and going to a place where you are so focused on your self, your creation, and the energy within you and around you. Whether its a painting or a line of code, your in that moment. That is what the Eleven Eleven Foundations is here to facilitate. Living in the moment. Creating consciousness. Creating a better life for anyone who may be lost and is looking to be found. I would like to show the world art, adventure, and technology have the power to heal the mind, body and spirit. Who would of thought a simple idea of opening an art gallery would lead myself and others on an adventure none of us will forget.