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Inspiration For A Good Cause

In the small Canadian town of Fredericton, New Brunswick, 15 year old Nelly Price inspires the local community by turning her personal struggles into something meaningful and positive. Nelly has always loved painting, and after a bullying incident at her high school earlier in February of this year, she turned to her artistic skills to help her cope with the emotional trauma and process what she was feeling at the time.

The painting that Price says has the most meaning to her is one of a roaring lion on a bright pink background. She liked the idea of a lion because they are “loud and powerful”. Nelly titled the painting “I am the voice for those that fear to speak” representing her personal struggles with bullying.

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Initially, Nelly’s painting was only a hobby that she turned to in order to overcome her struggles during high school. Since the bullying incident several months ago, she has ramped up her efforts and begun painting even more. Inspired by her own progress, she decided to create something positive out of a negative situation. People started offering to buy her artwork so she had the brilliant idea of using her skills to make a change in other people’s lives.

Teaming up with the Bikers Agains Child Abuse (B.A.C.A. for short) organization that works to end child abuse and bullying, Nelly began selling her paintings through a Facebook page called NellyBean with 10% of all of her profits going to the B.A.C.A. organization. B.A.C.A is an entirely volunteer-led organization and all funds raised go directly towards children who have been bullied or suffered abuse.

Nelly said that she was very happy to know that she could make a difference and that her art was going towards a good cause. Likewise, the Bikers Against Child Abuse members are extremely grateful for Price’s contribution, not just financially, but for raising awareness of the organization and the issue of child abuse. Price’s message to others is that “you’re not alone… there are people there for you no matter how much you’ve been through”. And she incorporates that idea into all of her paintings, including one of her most recent pieces with two figures hugging each other.

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According to data collected by the National Bullying Prevention Centre, more than 20% of students experience bullying in school, with a large portion of that coming from online abuse and cyberbullying. Bullying and abuse puts kids at risk of serious mental health problems like depression and anxiety, which should always be taken seriously. Abuse and trauma puts children at a higher risk of drug abuse, suicidal behaviour, and violence, which is why it’s so important to help victims of school bullying.

Nelly Price is an inspiring example to us all of how art can make a difference in people’s lives by helping people to manage difficult emotions and express themselves after a traumatic incident such as bullying. Whether it be painting or a different art form, art can have a meaningful impact and send a strong message of positivity that good things can come out of a bad situation.

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