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Jennifer Krawczyk

Jennifer Krawczyk is currently the Director of Design at the Eleven Eleven Arts Foundation. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and earned her degree in design thanks to her hard work and diligence. She started her business, Jenna Lou Interiors, with the help and encouragement of her husband John in 2016. Her main focus is transforming various spaces and making them better-looking and enjoyable. A creative wonder woman, Jennifer can turn any space into an imaginative creation. Her passion and creativity make her a valuable member of the Eleven Eleven Arts Foundation. At the foundation, she gives her best to decorate the surroundings and turn them into a space where people can relax, think, and also be productive.

In order to get to where she is today, Jennifer had to overcome her own share of challenging road blocks and obstacles. Luckily, she was able to defeat the odds and she managed to succeed. Many people would perhaps look for the easy way out and simply give up if they had to face the same difficulties as those Jennifer did. Jennifer learned through personal experience how to become strong and independent and how to transform her insecurities into indestructible confidence. In order to do this, Jennifer realized that she should always learn from negative experiences and try to find something positive about them. She worked hard to make her own dreams come true, and now, Jennifer wants to inspire others to do the same.

One of her goals is to help other people understand their own capabilities. She would love to encourage others to take up challenges instead of running away from them; to learn how to cope with their fears instead of giving in to them. By doing so, Jennifer believes people will become much stronger and capable of overcoming any obstacle.

When not assisting in the organization, Jennifer enjoys spending free time with her husband and three delightful children. Her hobbies are decorating, as well as searching for adventures. And, by adventure she means everything from a bike ride along a river trail to climbing a mountain. Jennifer finds pleasure in small, simple things and is always trying to live life to the fullest.