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John Krawczyk


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John Krawczyk is a visionary, who has made use of his multiple talents in the corporate world, and now on the social sphere seeking to make an impact. In 2012, he worked as the Founder and CMO for J & E consulting, a firm that focused on design, technology and digital marketing. He built the company with innovation as a premise, looking to ensure he could make dreams come true. The drive and passion with which he led this firm was evident from the phenomenal results that he was able to achieve. In a few short years, the company J&E become the 3rd fastest growing company in Philadelphia, an award it received from the Wharton School of Business.

Then something transformed his life. His sister, Jessie Krawczyk Miele and her husband were expecting their first child. There was excitement all round and the family was looking forward to bringing in the third generation. When she went to deliver the baby, everything fell apart as she developed complications and passed away. Her son, Natas, lived and joined the family.

Jessie was a powerhouse of positivity, love, creative genius and strength and John was determined to keep her memory alive. After some deep consideration, he realized it was time to make a decision. It was then that he took a leap of faith, and sold his company in November 2016. He was inspired to do everything possible to help trauma survivors, like Natas, and the families that support them. Rather than moving up the corporate ladder, he is looking at using the same passion to make an impact through Art, Technology and Adventure.

He began the next leg of his journey in life by seeking the answer to one question, how can I create a positive social impact? He knew that he had the power to build up a community, and offer them something that will fulfill the community needs well. This was when the Eleven Eleven Foundation was birthed.

John started by building up a winning team of highly talented individuals. This team consisted of tragedy survivors, talented artists as well as technological gurus. With this team, he is working tirelessly to fulfill one key mission. This mission is to apply art and technology to create a positive social impact through education, civic engagement and public programs.

A quick analysis at the approach that John has chosen will reveal why it is bound for success. He has brought together a team of like-minded individuals who can work together as a team and support each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

John is so passionate about this new venture, that he is willing to do anything that is necessary to make a positive change in the life of a person in need. While other people may choose to start charities and funding drives, John has chosen to go a step further. He is using the talents and skills that he has developed for years, and the inspiration of Jessie’s life, to create a venture that is more sustainable over time. Using the social connections that he has developed over the years, including business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and non-profit leaders, he has a winning formula that few can imitate.