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A Song For Jessie

PEX Summer Festival 2017

The Philadelphia Experiment Summer Festival is all about bringing people together in a creative, passionate community where creativity can thrive. The 11/11 Arts Foundation’s project, entitled A Song For Jessie, features two large wooden sculptures on either side of an 8×10 metal sheet painting. It serves as an introductory piece for the Foundation and celebrates life, joy, brokenness, and healing. This is just one example of the passionate work that artists contributed to the Philadelphia Experiment this year. Dozens of artists, musicians, and performers joined to offer their talents to make the PEX Festival as incredible as it was.

The artists who came together to create this work said the experience was like “a spiritual awakening.” It was as if the music and art and atmosphere of the festival all came together and allowed the artists to enter a state of flow, allowing them to create effortlessly. There was a peaceful chaos of sound, lights, color, and creativity. The festival was an adventure in self exploration and a collaboration of creative minds coming together to create and experience art in all its forms.

“Nothing mattered and everything was in harmony.
The synchronicity was magic; things that made no sense made sense.”

Life is a journey through which we must carry our broken and shattered pieces and put ourselves back together again over and over again. Our scars tell our story and they show where we’ve been and what we’ve been through. The artwork here is a representation of this journey and of our ability to transcend and heal. We believe art has the power to help us heal from the brokenness in our lives and to show our scars as something beautiful, rather than something flawed.

We believe that being a part of a creative community and participating in artistic endeavours is one of the best therapies for treating mental health issues and healing from trauma. Art itself is a display of imperfections, and it can teach us to appreciate our own flaws. Through creativity, we have a healthy and cathartic way to express deep and complex emotions. That is our mission at the 11/11 Foundation, to help people heal through art.