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Sheryl Krawczyk

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Sheryl Krawczyk is currently the Director of Healing at the Eleven Eleven Arts Foundation. Her ongoing experience as a healthcare professional who works in medical billing has allowed her the right skills and experience she needs to do the job. Apart from working in medical billing, her past occupation was to meet
and facilitate the PET scan department for cancer patients. This past occupation has given her the opportunity to make each person’s journey more humane, and caring.

Sheryl’s involvement with the Eleven Eleven Arts Foundation, however, arose when she went through a very tragic incident. In late 2013, her daughter, Jessie, passed away suddenly. This came as shock to Sheryl and her family, resulting in over three years of emotional struggle and heartbreak. But, despite the troubles Sheryl went through, she was able to take the situation and turn it into something beautiful. Using her 15 years of medical experience, as well as her drive following Jessie’s death, Sheryl decided that the Eleven Eleven Arts Foundation could be a service offering organization.

And, using this drive, Sheryl has been able to take the organization to where it is today. The service offering aspect of the organization is being reflected through Sheryl’s years of medical experience, but also through remembering Jessie’s
creative spirit. This is being projected through the organization by helping others overcome traumatic events. And, by using a mixture of recovery methods touching on areas of technology, art, and adventure, Sheryl has helped numerous people overcome their mental and emotional pain and suffering.

While Sheryl enjoys contributing to the well being of others, there’s so much more to it. She needed to make sense of the profound loss by letting Jessie’s zeal for life and especially art, live on through the projects the foundation is offering.