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Available Artwork

100% of Proceeds Support Bringing PTSD Art Therapy to Veterans and Trauma Survivors

Image buddha2_edit2
Image copperbracelet_edit2
Copper Bracelets
Image spiraled-out-2_edit2
Spiraled Out
Image inawe_edit2
Woman In Awe
Image pinheadpatch2_edit2
Pin Head Patch
Image female_angel_edit2
Female Angel
Image male_angel_edit2
Male Angel
Image gift_giver_edit2
Gift Giver
Image Octopinus_edit2
Image accension_edit2
Image wolf_edit2
Wolf Cosmos Painting
Image maine1_edit
Painting From Maine
Image maine2_edit
Painting From Maine
Image abstractpainting1_edit
Abstract Painting
Image abstractpainting2_edit
Abstract Painting
Image abstractpainting3_edit
Abstract Painting
Image breathingfire_edit
Breathing Fire
Image mantis_edit4
Image 1111logo_edit
Eye On Sheet Metal
Image 1111logo_edit
Cooperative Painting
Image 1111logo_edit
The Champion

Pickup Form

Please Note that due to the size and nature of certain pieces, pickup at the Bristol Center for the Arts may be the only delivery method possible.

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