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Why Support Local Artists?

From individuals to communities, the arts impact people on many different scales. Art gives us outlets of expression and alternative ways of communicating thoughts and ideas. You can study the entire history of the Spanish Civil War and still learn something from looking at the chaos of Picasso’s Guernica. Creativity shapes the mind and leaves an impact on the world around us. The most valuable thing a community can invest in is it’s own cultural growth, and here’s the reason why.

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Stronger Communities

Getting people involved in arts strengthens their sense of community. A study by Princeton University discusses the measure of the “cultural capital” of a community and it’s effects. People involved in institutions and organizations have a greater sense of collective identity which promotes cultural diversity and reduces crime.

When people invest in artists, it shows. Think of the most interesting places you’ve every seen and consider what they would look like if you took all the creativity out of them. The cities and neighbourhoods that people want to live in are unique and stand out in your mind. People love live music and street art and going to shows in their area. The more support we give to creative thinkers, the more vibrant and lively our communities and cities will be.

Well-rounded Education

Countless studies have suggested that arts are an essential part of any well-rounded curriculum. Students involved in music, theatre, or visual art perform significantly better academically. From improving literacy skills to boosting test scores, there’s hardly an educational subject that is not positively affected through art involvement.

America falls short in school standards. Many European countries, for example, rank consistently higher on standardized test scores. That is partly due to the fact that they integrate cultural education into their studies. They expose young people to the arts with school trips to museums, theatres, galleries, and offer incentives through student discounts. The result? A better education. The United States needs to keep up if it wants to remain a competitive workforce, and a way it can do this is by supporting arts education.

Business With An Edge

These days, an easy way to get ahead is to throw a few adjectives on your resume to turn “Market Strategist” into “Creative Market Strategist. It may seem like a trivial thing but it matters to employers. Businesses want people who can come at a problem from a different angle. Often, prospective job hunters are forced to compete with a wider market. The same goes with businesses. When you can go online and find a thousand different options, only the most unique stand out.

We take this seriously at the Eleven Eleven Foundation. We know the importance of supporting local artists, not just as a way to gain a strategic edge, but also to improve peoples lives from the ground up and build a solid foundation that includes the arts. Help us in our mission to support the arts and show local artists we care.

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