Applying Art,Technology, & Adventure To Create Positive Social Impact

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The Eleven Eleven Foundation has a multifaceted mission

Our mission is to apply art and technology to create positive social impact through education, civic engagement, and public programs.

Healing through Art: Healing through Art is dedicated to empowering trauma survivors through effective expressive outlets. It is our mission to enable the survivor/artists to display and market their works to give them recognition, hope and direction by implementing this innovative approach to healing and growing as a healthy human being. Register Today For Art Classes.

Healing through Adventure: Healing through Adventure sees potential in individuals while others far too often see limitations. Our primary focus is for individuals who are in need of emotional, mental, physical, and social healing. Healing through Adventure is designed for individuals to take risks and do things that are initially uncomfortable – even frightening; and, that eventually generate new, unexpected, and deeply satisfying results. Individuals learn to reach out to others and acquire the self-confidence and courage to move forward in their lives, one-day-at-a-time. PTSD and anxiety suffers can gain the inner strength to capture the joy and hope of living full and satisfying lives while learning to deal with bouts of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. 2018 Adventures Coming, Join our mailing list to stay informed.

Healing though Technology: Within the Foundation we have a technological incubator. The incubator is Eleven Eleven’s Technology Incubator program which supports creative individuals and team from a wide array of disciplines to develop, make and showcase projects within a rich social environment. We offer opportunities for participation through memberships, research labs, and teaching troubled youth and PTSD sufferers how to code. Join our mailing list to stay informed.

How We Work

The Eleven Eleven Foundation wants to make a positive impact on as many people as possible. Anything we can do to create a positive change in someone’s life is beneficial. From teaching troubled youth how to code or helping a PTSD victim face a challenge and help them overcome it. The Eleven Eleven foundation is fortunate to rely on the expertise they bring to the table as business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, and non-profit leaders. It’s our diversity that allows us to do things that other organizations cannot.

Art Classes

Art Therapy helps PTSD sufferers communicate and resolve traumatic memories,relieve stress, and reduce symptoms of trauma-released conditions. Classes are available to anyone!


Solutions that worked yesterday may not have the same impact today. Therefore, continuous innovation is required that social impact organizations can achieve their missions.

Helping Veterans

Veterans are eligible to Free Classes. Participants have said art therapy enhances their strengths and abilities to reenter their communities, and improve their outlook on life. Register Today!


The Eleven Eleven Experiment is Collecting Data and making conclusions as to what the results are from Non Traditional Therapy. We want to treat underlying causes, not the symptoms.

Who We Are

In loving Memory of Jessie Krawczyk Miele

11/11/81 – 12/7/13

November 11, 1981 a very vibrant, artistic and passionate woman was born. As a young child she found art to be the best way to “soothe her soul.” When Jessie would get out of sorts or cranky; as most children do; her mother would sit her down at the dinning room table with some kind of art project. While crafting, her mother noticed not only did she have an amazing talent but the process of creativity would actually heal her mind body and soul. By third grade, Jessie was enrolled in an art class which eventually lead her to receiving the first ever art scholarship to St. Basils Academy. She continued to take art classes up until she graduated from high school. Art was a form of personal expression for Jessie. She used art in almost every aspect of her life. She went from drawings on paper to painting wall murals, to wood burning and even taxidermy. At the age of 31, Jessie became pregnant with her first child. She was so excited and eager to meet her “wolfkitten”. After hours in the delivery room with out any progress of a natural delivery being possible, Jessie had to delver her son via c-section (cesarean). Complications turned for the worst imaginable. Jessie passed away shortly after meeting her son Natas in 2013.

The Eleven Eleven Foundation is founded by her brother John. He is a husband and a father of 3 beautiful children. Since his sisters passing John has also developed a love for art. He believes it will be his way of healing and growing as it was also his sisters way. John would like his nephew to grow up knowing that even though his mother is not around physically the memories the family has of her will show just how wonderful and powerful his mother and her art was.

Let’s join forces and help leave a lasting impact on the world that her son and all trauma survivors now live in and to facilitate healing to victims and their families through Art, Technology and Adventure.

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What we are to trying accomplish is not possible without team effort. You can get involved by applying to volunteer with us.


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